10 Amazing Waterfalls in Arizona to Visit with Your Friends (2023)

More than half of the state of Arizona is desert, and the amazing waterfalls in Arizona are intended for those who want to experience cooling their body off while there. There are many exciting places, but waterfalls are always the most interesting.

Arizona, geographically, is a tough place to find water. This area is more of a desert place, but this is what makes it a crowd-pleaser. And in fact, everyone plans to travel to this place.

Arizona is also famous thanks to its Grand Canyon state, which offers some beautiful ear structures. But, after several years exploring Arizona, we found that this place provides iconic waterfalls, and of course, you will need time and effort to visit there.

It’s always been a privilege to visit the iconic waterfalls here. Extra leg work may be needed, but it’s perfect for inspiration for your next adventure. This will guarantee you are active on holiday so that with friends, this will be fun.

Top 10 Amazing Waterfalls in Arizona You Should Visit with Your Friends

For a place that provides such a dry climate and severe heat, Arizona still has numerous waterfalls. But still, you need hiking to be able to access it. The top 10 amazing waterfalls in Arizona that you must visit with friends are:

10. Navajo Falls

Navajo Falls
Navajo Falls | Source: southwestmicroadventures.com

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Navajo Falls is also one of the most popular and impressive waterfalls in Arizona. You still need to hike 1.2 miles from the bottom to gain a 500 feet height and reach the top.

Navajo falls fall year-round, with high seasons during spring, summer, and fall. Avoid the monsoon season because it is prone to flooding. Navajo Falls provides a deep pool at the bottom of the tall waterfall, where you can swim.

9. Beaver Falls

Beaver Falls
Beaver Falls | Source: www.theoutbound.com

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Beaver Falls is the most suitable place for you who want to take pre-wedding photos or a beautiful photo opportunity. It is quite a trail than other waterfalls. Check out how to go to Beaver falls first.

This amazing waterfalls in Arizona is located just six miles away from Supai. It is the best for expert hikers due to its remoteness. Rock climbing, climbing a ladder, and rugged trails make a vacation enjoyable.

8. Mooney Falls

Mooney Falls
Mooney Falls | Source: www.theoutbound.com

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Mooney falls is the tallest, not just in this Arizona area but in the entire state. Mooney Falls is about 200 feet tall and pours turquoise-colored waters over gorgeous reddish rocks.

Unfortunately, the trail going here is more difficult with ladders to climb down. If you are an experienced hiker, ensure you provide proper hiking shoes. With this experience, surely you will agree that this is the best and most amazing waterfalls in Arizona.

7. Seven Falls

Seven Falls
Seven Falls | Source: www.theoutbound.com

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The location is on the Bear Canyon Trail, near the Catalina Foothills In Tucson, AZ, for moderate hiking. The main reason to visit this place is the oasis in the middle of the Arizona desert with 7 in 1 waterfall.

Seven Falls is also a favorite hiking spot among locations and tourists alike. Nine hundred feet elevation with different waterfalls that spread around the walls. That’s why it is named Seven Falls, but guests must pay a $5 parking fee first to be in amazing waterfalls in Arizona.

6. Apache Falls

Apache Falls
Apache Falls | Source: www.pinterest.com

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Easy is the difficulty for hiking the Apache Falls. The location is in the Salt River Canyon in San Carlos, Arizona. The main reason to visit Apache Falls is its easy access and flows year-round.

Unlike other amazing waterfalls in Arizona, you can reach Apache falls in only one mile. Visit these falls in the spring and summer because those are the best times to go. Apache Falls has a double-entry pass that only costs around $15.

5. Sycamore Falls

Sycamore Falls
Sycamore Falls | Source: ejphoto.com

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Sycamore Falls is located South of Williams, Arizona. The seasonal waterfalls with forest-view trails make the holiday experience here endless. It deserves to be one of the most amazing waterfalls in Arizona, which you also have to visit if you have time.

This Sycamore fall has an easy access point, and it’s located around the canyon. Hiking is relatively easy, but this spot is quite dry. But when you get there, you will see a 100-foot waterfall, a unique experience.

4. Fossil Creek Falls

Fossil Creek Falls
Fossil Creek Falls | Source: www.onlyinyourstate.com

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We recommend beginner hikers choose something other than Fossil Creek Falls because the track is tricky. But a particular path is also provided if you want to try the mid-range hike experience. And the entrance fee is $ 10 and is only open to the public from April to October.

3. Cibecue Falls

Cibecue Falls
Cibecue Falls | Source: rove.me

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Cibecue Falls is one of the closest waterfalls you can visit if you live in Phoenix. You will immediately be presented with a waterfall up to 30 feet high when you get there. The location of this amazing waterfalls in Arizona is also in the center, making it even more unique.

However, since you got here, it’s not allowed to swim. Especially if you bring children or dogs, make sure you choose a double track. It’s just that Cibecue Falls has always been one of the amazing waterfalls in Arizona, which will provide an unforgettable experience.

2. Deer Creek Falls

Deer Creek Falls
Deer Creek Falls | Source: garyhartblog.com

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At Deer Creek Falls, what makes it unique is the raft. Although it will be challenging, you can swim or raft in these waterfalls. The location is also in the Grand Canyon National Park in GILA County, Arizona, which is the reason for this waterfall’s popularity.

Deer Creek Falls is still relatively remote, and it will take an average of 5 days and four nights to reach the falls and back. But this experience will satisfy. This is still the best and most amazing waterfalls in Arizona, and we also guarantee that you will enjoy it.

1. Waterfall Cave at Tonto Natural Bridge State Park

Waterfall Cave at Tonto Natural Bridge State Park
Waterfall Cave at Tonto Natural Bridge State Park | Source: pinterest.com

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The first place is the Waterfall cave at Tonto natural bridge State park because it is suitable for beginners to advanced. It’s a must to wear proper hiking shoes here because the location is in a place that is difficult to reach too. The waterfall stands 183 feet long and 159 feet wide.

Arizona has always been a relaxing vacation spot, and we know you can agree. Arizona is also known as a dry place with a desert. But with some amazing waterfalls in Arizona, this makes your vacation much more enjoyable.

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