10 Best Water Parks in Wisconsin Most Visited

The best water parks in Wisconsin will give you the fun experience whole having some vacations there. This city has so many options from the indoor, outdoor, or combinations of those two.

You can have fun there with your friend by sliding in a huge slide, chilling in their lazy rivers, and many more again. This will make your day is fresher than before.

Not only one, Wisconsin has at least ten amazing waterpark that you should visit. Make sure to gain more information about those destinations before coming.

10 Best Water Parks in Wisconsin

If you are ready to get wet by playing and spending some times there, don’t forget to know the information to. Here are ten best waterparks located in Wisconsin that you should check out.

10. Timber Ridge Lodge and Water park

Timber Ridge Lodge and Water park
Timber Ridge Lodge and Water park | Source: Booking.com

It is actually in Lake Geneva and you have to come to this one of the best water parks in Wisconsin. There are many pools, slides, water rides, and other great activities to try.

You can see that this destination is really family friendly. Certain pools are specially designed for kids. Besides that, some areas are for adults because those have the bigger slides to pump your adrenaline.

The good thing is this Timber Ridge Lodge and waterpark also has other features. Those are like the lazy river, hot tub, up to dry land activities. You can spend a day without getting bored there.

9. Atlantis Hotel and Family Waterparks

Atlantis Hotel and Family Waterparks
Atlantis Hotel and Family Waterparks | Source: www.groupon.com

It is definitely one of the best water parks in Wisconsin and maybe the biggest one too. Atlantis is for about 16,000 square foot and and it is also an indoor area.

It means that you can come there at any seasons since Atlantis is not the outdoor type. Some features there are like two 40 feet long tunnel slides, five-foot long toddler slides, and more.

You can try the whirlpool, lap tool with water basketball, and of course the kiddie area. After playing, it is a great idea to visit their game room and Bar & Grill restaurant.

8. Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge
Great Wolf Lodge | Source: www.wisdells.com

People said that these are other best water parks in Wisconsin that they guarantee. As an indoor waterpark theme, you can come anytime because they have the right temperature always.

If you love to pump your adrenaline, please try the Howlin’ Tornado. This is a huge funnel slide that will make your heart beat racing. Then come to the Whirley Bird too.

There you can experience the twist and turns. If you want the chill vibe, lazy river, coyote canyon, and lookout mountain are the best features to experience.

7. Grand Lodge Resort

Grand Lodge Resort
Grand Lodge Resort | Source: www.thosecrazynelsons.com

This Grand Lodge resort is really lovely and you still be able to visit it event the weather outside is miserable. They always set the balmy temperature at eight four degrees.

This one of the best water parks in Wisconsin Is an all year round destination which has even different slides, lazy river, huge pools, etc. Your adrenaline can be pumped properly there.

Mean while, the kiddie are is equipped with some fun featured such ad squatters, warm pools, and inflatables. You should come there with your children to make them happy.

6. Kalahari Resort

Kalahari Resort
Kalahari Resort | Source: www.wisdells.com

A source said that Kalahari is a perfect destination to find the equal thrill and chill. There are some fun slides and rides to try in this resort.

As one of the best water parks in Wisconsin, it also has the lazy river area, whirlpool, activity pool, wave one, up to the swim up bar. Make sure to spend some times in their dry land area too.

You can enjoy the rock climbing activity, golf, Ferris wheel, bowling, and carousel. These are the great options, especially if you don’t want to get wet.

5. The Springs Waterpark

The Springs Waterpark
The Springs Waterpark | Source: www.theinglesidehotel.com

The springs promises to give you the fun-packef day where it is located at the Country Springs Hotel. This is a great location if you are looking for the fun attractions and activities.

Some features to enjoy are like the lazy river, pools with squatters, thrilling slides, up to zero depth area for kiddies. If you want to Relax more, please come to it’s spa service.

4. Chula Vista Resort

Chula Vista Resort
Chula Vista Resort | Source: www.wyndhamhotels.com

Chula Vista is for sure one of the best water parks in Wisconsin because it has the indoor and outdoor adventure. The indoor one has so many slides to try, mat racers, and uphill water roller.

Meanwhile, your kids will like Mount Montezuma Mayan Temple slide and of course the Croc Walk Water crossing. Other options are wading pool, squirters, and so know.

The outdoor area is also amazing Because there is a massive wave pool , adventure area, sportpool, and so on. After playing at that waterpark, head off to it’s sandy beach to feel the nuance.

3. MT. Olympus Village

MT. Olympus Village
MT. Olympus Village | Source: www.mtolympuspark.com

This destination has ton of slides which people can experience and also six great rollercoasters. If you love to pump the adrenaline, Thunder and Lightning Slides are the perfect option.

There is also a 85 feet Demon drop speed slide that will give you the best thrills ever. Don’t worry because several spots for chilling are also available such as the lazy river, big wave pool, children areas and so on.

2. Chaos Waterpark

Chaos Waterpark
Chaos Waterpark | Source: www.visiteauclaire.com

These are the best water parks in Wisconsin, especially if you ate in the vicinity of Eau Claire. This destination is an indoor type and has so many amazing activities for all visitors.

Several features that they have are like Twister water slide, Bailout slide, activity pools, lazy rivers, and many more again. Meanwhile, your children will love the short slides, tunnels, and sprayers area.

Hot tub is also available there. You can soak there to relax and just enjoy the surround nuance where several places to eat are available too.

1. Noah Ark

Noah Ark
Noah Ark | Source: www.noahsarkwaterpark.com

Noah Ark seems the greatest and best water parks in Wisconsin. This place is really big where it has 51 different slides, wave pool, dive in 4D theatre, arcade, lazy river, and much more.

There is an advice for you for trying the biggest bowl ride when you are in this Noah Ark. The time warp and 400 foot plunge down the Scorpion Tails slide which are so fun.

The kiddies area is also complete and fund to visit. Your lovely ones will love the pools, squirters, sprayers, small slides, and many more again.

Wisconsin comes as the first destination for getting wet. That is why; all of the best water parks in Wisconsin are really worth to try when you are in a vacation there.

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