10 Awesome Water Parks in California with Big Water Slides (2023)

Awesome water parks in California usually provide giant water slides in them. This is also the advantage of several water parks. But apart from that, regarding the water park which is suitable to be a top attraction, it makes you not surprised that this is not boring.

California is famous for its proximity to the ocean, and California is also an area that has a heavy cultural emphasis on the sea. So it’s common for California to have its fan base, especially for people who like activities related to fresh water.

Due to the many attractions about fresh water, there are still great water parks for you to visit. Including some water parks in the middle of California will make your vacation more enjoyable, but the main point is about climate.

Overall, California is an ideal place for the emergence of world-class water parks. The warm climate is advantageous, and Each Park prepares fun little ones. For people of all ages, ready for the opportunity to enjoy the heat of the day, especially in summer.

10 Awesome Water Parks in California with Big Water Slides and Safe

For activities that are suitable for hot days and you want to cool off the body, make sure you have chosen the appropriate water park. From time to time, enjoying a vacation in California, here are some of the best and most awesome water parks in California, such as:

10. Wild Water Adventure Park

Wild Water Adventure Park
Wild Water Adventure Park | Source: wild-water-adventure-park.business.site

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Starting with Wild Water Adventure Park, California’s water park covering about 52 acres. It is simply more than twice the size of many other water parks. And in this water park, there are 20 main attractions, and there are also 38 water slides there.

Wild Water Adventure Park is a top choice for those who want entertainment. Be sure to stop by the wave pool because it has almost a billion gallons of moving water. Enjoy some wave pool, but those who don’t want to swim can gather in the picnic area.

9. LEGOLAND California Resort

LEGOLAND California Resort
LEGOLAND California Resort | Source: www.legoland.com

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Californians, of course, know that Legoland is a awesome water parks in California. But only some also know that Legoland provides excellent waterparks in it. It is different from any other waterpark in California.

Visit the regular and water parks, which cover about 10 acres. The lazy river is a little less than the usual park, but its design is unique. And this waterpark is also classified as kid-friendly because it provides many swimming spots for children.

8. Raging Waters

Raging Waters
Raging Waters | Source: www.funwithkidsinla.com

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USA citizens are familiar with Ranging Waters because this waterpark is also available in Sacramento, San Jose, and Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, this location awesome water parks in California, and it spans over 60 acres, and there are 50 rides and attractions in it.

Raging waters are also famous because they provide an intensely thrilling experience. Giving the element of surprise, all the rides in it demand strength and skill. Ticket prices vary, but you can get the basic season pass rather than general admission.

7. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor (LA)

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor (LA)
Six Flags Hurricane Harbor (LA) | Source: ktla.com

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Next, awesome water parks in California are Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. Six Flags is already quite popular with a good reputation in the country, so this is no exception to visit again.

One of their significant highlights is the Black Snake Summit because, at this spot, there is a collection of four high-speed water slides. Two of them may have been closed, but there are still two that make par visitors can race down in total darkness.

6. Waterworld California (Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Concord)

Waterworld California
Waterworld California | Source: www.businesswire.com

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The highlight of these awesome water parks in California is the Honolulu Halfpipe. It features a rapid shift between sliding forward and back before you finally splash down. The ride goes down about a hundred feet, for a total of 270 feet.

Waterworld California emphasizes thrill, but that doesn’t mean kids can’t enjoy it. In this area, there is still Splashwater Island, which is an interactive playground. There is also the Kooler Lazy River, which is suitable for those who want to refresh.

5. Great Wolf Lodge Garden Grove

Great Wolf Lodge Garden Grove
Great Wolf Lodge Garden Grove | Source: www.inlandempire.com

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Great Wolf Lodge Garden Grove is a resort hotel repackaged with a water park. This water park is an indoor theme with a high density of rides and attractions. And this is not open to the public, only to people who stay at the lodge.

Since arriving here, you will immediately get plenty of fun, one of which is the Cayote Canyon Vortex Slide. A stay at the lodge will make you enjoy it even more because it lets you keep having fun at the awesome water parks in California until closing time.

4. Knott’s Soak City

Knott's Soak City
Knott’s Soak City

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Knott’s Soak City is an area of 15 acres that highlights its water slides with 23 different options focusing on speed. The variety of guests makes sure you enjoy all of these things, and it’s also perfect for those who want to visit with your family.

3. Wet’n’Wild Palm Springs (The Palm Springs Surf Club)

Wet'n'Wild Palm Springs
Wet’n’Wild Palm Springs | Source: www.groupon.com

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It’s still closed but is scheduled to open in 2022 after aggressive renovation. And, of course, this is a golden opportunity for those who want to experience new slides and rides.

They also added the size of the wave pool and lazy river. The new name for this water park is the Palm Springs Surf Clubs, and you can experience this awesome water parks in California more freely because it’s already 21 acres in size.

2. Boomerang Bay (South Bay Shores)

Boomerang Bay
Boomerang Bay | Source: bonggamom.blogspot.com

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Boomerang Bay, now renamed South Bay Shores, is also part of California’s Great America Park. They featured its 7-story tower with a collection of 3 water slides and immediately became awesome water parks in California to visit next weekend.

1. Aquatica San Diego (Sesame Place)

Aquatica San Diego
Aquatica San Diego

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Seaworld shuts down and comes the Aquatica San Diego or Sesame Street. This new park features a 500,000-gallon wave pool and also provides plenty of splashing. The giant swing ride is also a highlight, but for now, reservations and ticket reservations must be made.

California is a suitable place for operating water parks. However, not all of them can manage by offering satisfaction to the fans. There are only a few awesome water parks in California that you can visit, which guarantees fun for all who come.

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