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10 Top-Rated Things to Do in Oxford, England

    If you are looking for a place to spend time on vacation, then you can listen to our discussion of 10 things to do in Oxford, England. That way you can have references about the best places to spend your vacation time.

    Taking a vacation from all daily activities such as work or college is one of the best ways to refresh your mind again. A fresh mind certainly makes it easier for us to do various things more effectively and efficiently.

    By taking a vacation you also improve your mental health. Mental health is something that you need to pay attention to and should not be ignored. Because mental health is maintained, your days will go well.

    Quickly completed work will make the boss happy and you might get a bonus or a promotion. Therefore, never hesitate to take time off for your own good.

    Nowadays there are lots of places that offer various types of tourism which are definitely interesting and worth your visit. But make sure to choose the right city, so that your vacation time is not wasted and your mind can come back fresh.

    In this discussion, we will discuss one of the best cities for you to choose as a vacation spot, namely Oxford and also 10 things to do in Oxford, England. Curious what things you can do in this place? Just look at the discussion below.

    10 Things to Do in Oxford, England

    It will not be complete if we visit a city without knowing the history of that place. By reading a little about the history of the city you are going to visit, you can also find out interesting places from the city.

    Therefore there is nothing wrong before going on vacation to a city, planning in advance the places you will go to. One of them is by listening to our discussion this time which will explain things to do in Oxford, England.

    England has many very interesting cities if you make it a place for a vacation with family, friends, partner, or alone like a backpacker. One city that always has a place in the hearts of tourists is Oxford.

    Oxford is a city in England with a population of 151,584 according to a 2020 census. This city is known as the home of one of the most famous universities in the world, namely the University of Oxford.

    The University of Oxford is one of the icons or landmarks of the city of Oxford which is also worth your visit. No need to linger any longer, just take a look at our discussion about things to do in Oxford, England.

    10. Walking Tours

    Walking Tours
    Walking Tours | Source:

    The first thing you can do is register at the visitor information center on board street so you can take guided walking tours. The best times to do this are at 11:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m., and 2:00 p.m.

    If you are a Harry Potter movie fan then you will really like this walking tours. Because throughout the tour you will see various places that were shooting locations for the Harry Potter movies.

    9. Ashmolean Museum

    Ashmolean Museum
    Ashmolean Museum | Source:

    The next things to do in Oxford, England is to visit the Ashmolean Museum which has been around for 330 years and is the first university museum in the world that is still operating today. Inside there are various collections of historical objects ranging from paintings by Picasso, titian, Rubens, Pissarro, and many others.

    8. Bodleian Library

    Bodleian Library
    Bodleian Library | Source:

    The city of Oxford is closely related to the world of education and science. After visiting the Ashmolean Museum, you can also come and see the collection of books at the Boldeian Library, which stores lots of books from ancient times to the present.

    Apart from that, of course you will also be amazed by the architecture of this Boldeian Library. Visiting a place that is included in the discussion of things to do in Oxford, England will make you go back hundreds of years.

    7. Pitt Rivers Museum

    Pitt Rivers Museum
    Pitt Rivers Museum | Source:

    It’s not Oxford if the city isn’t filled with museums or things related to education. This is also what you will get if you visit the Pitt Rivers Museum, which has been built since 1884. Now there are more than 500,000 collections of historical items in this place.

    6. Christ Church

    Christ Church
    Christ Church | Source:

    The city of Oxford is filled with historic buildings that have beautiful architecture like in the Harry Potter films. You will also feel that when you visit Christ Church which was built by Henry III in 1546.

    5. Magdalen College

    Magdalen College
    Magdalen College | Source:

    The next things to do in Oxford, England is to visit Magdalen College which is also part of the University of Oxford’s campus. The 46-metre Magdalen Tower has long been a familiar landmark at the eastern entrance to the city.

    4. Sheldonian Theatre

    Sheldonian Theatre
    Sheldonian Theatre | Source:

    Apart from being filled with things related to education, in the city of Oxford you will also find the Sheldonian Theater which was built by an English architect, Sir Christopher Wren in the 17th century.

    With a capacity of 1,000, the theater has played host to a few historic events, like the first performance of Handel’s third oratorio Athalia in 1733. A few highlights in the university’s academic calendar, like matriculation and graduation take place here, but the theater is normally visitable during the day.

    3. Hertford Bridge

    Hertford Bridge
    Hertford Bridge | Source:

    Another things to do in Oxford, England is to visit Hertford Bridge with its beautiful architecture. Popularly known as the Bridge of Sighs and one of Oxford’s abiding images, the Hertford Bridge is a covered footbridge over New College Lane and spanning the old and new quadrangles of Hertford College.

    Be sure to prepare storage on your camera, because there are lots of objects that will certainly be interesting for you to capture.

    2. University of Oxford Botanic Garden

    University of Oxford Botanic Garden
    University of Oxford Botanic Garden | Source:

    It’s not complete to visit a city without visiting the Botanic Garden. In discussing things to do in Oxford, England you can visit the University of Oxford Botanic Garden which has been established since 1621 with an area of 1.8 hectares and 8000 plant species.

    1. University Church of St Mary the Virgin

    University Church of St Mary the Virgin
    University Church of St Mary the Virgin | Source:

    The University of Oxford grew around this Church, which is dates from the 13th century. The building has mostly Gothic architecture in the 15th and 16th-century Perpendicular Style, but the tower is older and is from the church’s origin.

    Then there are other places that you can visit, including New College, Punting, and also the Thames Path. From the discussion of 10 things to do in Oxford, England, which place do you want to visit first?

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