10 Top-Rated Things to Do in Nottingham, England

Looking for the best things to do in Nottingham, England will make sure to have a memorable vacation. This city is well-known for it’s Robin Hood story where it is also popular in the world.

When you are there, you can visit a Robin Hood statue and learn more about it. However, that is not the only one to see in Nottingham. There are more attractions to see and feel.

Thanks to the modern development that let’s people to get more than just coming to some historical places. It means that you will get a complete holiday and there are a lot of destinations which are ready to visit.

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The 10 Things to do in Nottingham, England

This place is beautiful with all diverse things that it offers. If you want to experience the best attractions, here are some lists of the places to visit.

10. Feel the Unique of Ludorati

Feel the Unique of Ludorati
Feel the Unique of Ludorati | Source: www.truspencer.com

Ludorati is a unique café which owns the concept of escape room and board game. It is a great place for those who love the board game and cluedo as well.

Ludorati gives you more experiences to eat some delicious foods and have fun by playing that game. Even it is just a game, a lot of gamers play it seriously, so that the competition is real.

9. The racing room at the dragon

The racing room at the dragon
The racing room at the dragon | Source: www.theracingroom.co.uk

One of the most recommended things to do in Nottingham, England is visiting the racing room at the dragon. It is a huge scalextric track which is located in a backroom of the pub.

You can book it for several events such as party, and more. The interesting activity is like making the car noise which is perfect for you who love racing.

Race together with your friends or families to make it is more fun. If you want to, book in advance for food is also able to do. All cuisines taste so good.

8. Cute Kitty Café

Cute Kitty Café
Cute Kitty Café | Source: www.theneighborscat.com

Coming to this café is actually the great things to do in Nottingham, England, especially if you are a cat lover. As it is named, you can bring your cats there and even order some foods for them.

It will be interesting because various different menus are available. The examples are cake, coffee, cappuccino, up to the cat-themed mocktails. Meeting other cat lovers is also fun.

7. Attenborough Nature Reserve

Attenborough Nature Reserve
Attenborough Nature Reserve | Source: www.tripadvisor.co.uk

Sometimes maybe you want to visit the countryside area and feel the vibes. If it is so, Attenborough nature reserve is a perfect destination. What are the things to enjoy there?

You can have a peaceful brisk walk up to seeing many pretty birds. This experience offers a peacefulness of living in a green area with the fresh air condition.

The best things to do in Nottingham, England at this area are feeding the wildlife and learning more about plants. It is for sure a great activity to recharge your mental and body.

6. Popular Broadway Cinema

Popular Broadway Cinema
Popular Broadway Cinema | Source: www.hartsnottingham.co.uk

This place is an independent cinema in Hockley. The local people there really love to spend time there. It is for sure a place that you should not miss during the holiday.

If you want to come there, it is better to book a place first. It is also a great idea to come early because you can enjoy some foods and beverages at their cafebar. Baked pizza and beer sound good, isn’t it?

5. Nottingham PlayHouse

Nottingham PlayHouse
Nottingham PlayHouse | Source: nottinghamplayhouse.co.uk

Coming to Nottingham PlayHouse is also the things to do in Nottingham, England. This is local theatre which has a strong reputation for programming and making many quality shows.

It is a great venue where they have varied new and classic musicals and plays. Besides that, they also have some schedules for spoken word poetry, comedy dance, up to the family shows.

4. Nottingham Contemporary

Nottingham Contemporary
Nottingham Contemporary | Source: www.visit-nottinghamshire.co.uk

If you want to know, it is a lace market contemporary art gallery. This destination let’s the visitors to watch films and browse exhibitions as well.

This destination was first opened in 2009. Coming there is one of the things to do in Nottingham, England because of the building itself.

The exterior is decorated with the traditional lace pattern. Inside, you will see the detail decoration where the screening for classicbl and art house films are also available.

3. Nottingham Castle

Nottingham Castle
Nottingham Castle | Source: www.visit-nottinghamshire.co.uk

This castle has a long history and it is built in a spectacular location too. The location is upon the rocks which have caves in there. People there said that it is the oldest castle in all over England.

Before, this castle has experienced so many tragedies and moments that made it broken. That is why; then it was fully renovated, but still maintains the authentic shape of the building.

2. City of Caves

City of Caves
City of Caves | Source: www.visit-nottinghamshire.co.uk

These are the highly recommended things to do in Nottingham, England. It is especially if you want to know the complete culture and also history of this beautiful city.

For your information, Nottingham is popular for it’s caves. Those caves were used for several different purposes through the years. Some of those are even used as a house for the poor people.

As time goes by, other functions appear such as a place for meeting, a location to protect someone from explosion, for an illegal activity, an area to make fabric, and so on. It is one of the best things to do in Nottingham, England because a tour guide will accompany you.

He is going to explain everything related to the history behind every caves. Besides that, you are also allowed to take some pictures there. The tour guide is so informative and friendly as well.

1. Come to the Old Market Square

Come to the Old Market Square
Come to the Old Market Square | Source: www.academyofurbanism.org.uk

When you have a vacation to a different city, don’t forget to visit it’s traditional market. Besides getting a chance for buying the cheaper goods, you are also able to know the locals’ habits.

In Nottingham, old market square is a perfect place to do that. This market is just spacious, impressive, and for sure beautiful. It may remind you of London.

Coming there can be the fun things to do in Nottingham, England because this market is the second largest public space in United Kingdom. The first spot is London’s Trafalgar Square.

You can come on a sunny day to get the maximum experience. Just sit down and watch how people there interact between each other can be a unique moment to have.

Sometimes, you will see the kids play and run near the fountain area. The good things are that this market is a place which hold some events such as Christmas winter wonder land.

So, it is clear that this city offers you many attractions to enjoy and see. Don’t forget to note the things to do in Nottingham, England above so that your vacation will be memorable.

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