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10 Top-Rated Things to Do in Downtown San Antonio

    Are you curious about the best things to do in Downtown San Antonio? This unique city others a lot of great things and attractions for people who come there.

    Besides that, it is also a good place to live since it is famous for it’s high safety, affordability, delicious foods, beautiful view and relaxing way of life. You may have the best experience there.

    For your information, San Antonio is also known as the eight safest large city in America. Besides that, it also becomes the cheapest major city center in Texas state.

    10 Best Things to Do in Downtown San Antonio

    When you are there, you will feel the vibrant downtown area. There are so many things to explore such as it’s history, foods, and for sure culture.

    Howevery, make sure that you visit the best destinations to get the memorable experience. Here are ten recommended places to visit when you have a vacation in San Antonio.

    10. The Alamo

    The Alamo
    The Alamo | Source:

    Visiting The Alamo is one of the best things to do in Downtown San Antonio. This museum shows you the history of Alamo with all historical and old stuff collections that it has.

    Since it is located in the downtown, you are able to explore this area conveniently. People can learn about the Alamo battle which was happened in 1836.

    The educated and well-experienced tour guide will inform everything. The free admission is also available and after the your you can visit the gift shop to buy some souvenirs.

    9. San Antonio Museum of art

    San Antonio Museum of art
    San Antonio Museum of art | Source:

    It is one of the most popular museums in that downtown. Coming there will be the next best things to do in Downtown San Antonio because you will see a lot of collections of art.

    Those are varied from contemporary pieces up to Egyptian artifacts. The art objects there are around 30,000 items where you won’t get bored to spend some hours there.

    The art programs for adults and children are available too. Every time you visit this museum, you may get the new experiences of art.

    8. River Walk

    River Walk
    River Walk | Source:

    Visiting river walk is the recommended and best things to do in Downtown San Antonio as well. It is a downtown staple which becomes a famous destination for tourists and local people.

    The location is along the San Antonio river where walking there will give you a chance to embrace the soul of this city. Besides that, the cool air there is so comforting.

    The good thing is that it is lined with many amazing bars and restaurants which serve the delicious menus. You have to try the foods there while enjoying the nuance.

    Besided taking a walk, people are also able to take a river tact. This river tact will accompany you to cross the river and see the gorgeous architectures around.

    7. Buckhorn Saloon and Museum

    Buckhorn Saloon and Museum
    Buckhorn Saloon and Museum | Source:

    This place is so unique and that is why; coming there can be one of the best things to do in Downtown San Antonio. You may drink beers there and learn more about Texas history.

    Besides saloon, this place also has the café that serves many Texas tasty barbecue and meals. It was first opened in 1881 and that is why; this Buckhorn saloon is rich of history.

    In total, this area has two museums, a saloon, one cafe, gift shop, and also the arcade. The wall feature here is also unique where coming to this place will give you the extraordinary experience.

    6. Majestic Theatre

    Majestic Theatre
    Majestic Theatre | Source:

    Your nightlife will be more interesting by coming here. Seeing the live show at this Majestic theatre is definitely one of the best things to do in Downtown San Antonio.

    This historical landmark was built in 1929 where it becomes the largest and oldest theatre in that city. It can accommodate up to 2000 guests. Various different acts are also performed there.

    Those are like musical, Broadway plays, live performance, and so on. That will be entertaining and you are able to spend some hours happily in that majestic theatre.

    5. Briscoe

    Briscoe | Source:

    Briscoe is a western art and museum which is located along the river walk. This is a recommended destination for you who are looking for history buffs and art.

    People can learn about the American west and it is a home for 9 art galleries which is featuring both; the iconic western paintings and artifacts. This is for sure the next itely one of the best things to do in Downtown San Antonio.

    Visitors can enjoy the works of Remington up to the original chuck wagon. Come there together with your kids so that they can learn about art as well.

    4. Historic Market Square

    Historic Market Square
    Historic Market Square | Source:

    It is the biggest Mexican market of North America that you can find in the downtown San Antonio. Market Square has three block plaza where people may find good restaurants and specialty shops.

    The artisanal crafts are also there such as leather goods, embroidered dresses, etc. Usually, this area is used by people to held several festivals and events.

    Joining those events and exploring the market can be the best things to do in Downtown San Antonio during your vacation. Check the schedule first if you want to enjoy those.

    3. Pearl Market

    Pearl Market
    Pearl Market | Source:

    It is located in the Pearl District which is at the edge of downtown. This is an up and coming district which has a lot of historical buildings, hotels, great shops, and restaurants.

    The pearl market has more than 20 different vendors ranging from gourmet pizza, local coffee, and more. You are better to come there hungry to enjoy all of those foods and beverages.

    2. Yanaguana Garden

    Yanaguana Garden
    Yanaguana Garden | Source:

    The next best things to do in Downtown San Antonio are coming to Yanaguana garden. This urban garden gives you the interesting play area for kids and also the relaxing spots for adults.

    It is an amazing downtown oasis that has the artistic flair and completed with unique design elements. It has been experiencef a massive redevelopment.

    That is why; you may see various new buildings in Yanaguana garden. Whatever it is; Yanaguana is a family friendly destination for all ages.

    1. LA Villita historic arts village

    LA Villita historic arts village
    LA Villita historic arts village | Source:

    You will agree that visiting LA Villita is the best things to do in Downtown San Antonio. It is near the river walk. That is why; it can be crowded sometimes.

    The architectures there are jaw dropping. Since this place is iconic, don’t forget to capture many moments in La Villita.

    Which destinations are your favorite? Basically, all of the best things to do in Downtown San Antonio above are worth to visit.

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