10 Best Places to Live in Montana According to Many Experts

America is now loaded with large vehicles such as trucks, which is also the main reason people look for the best places to live in Montana. Americans who want to live quietly and have a good rest will choose this area.

In this era, enjoying life in peace is a serious challenge. Especially in the industrial area, many things need to be carefully considered so that life can remain in balance. Some areas are unfit to live in for various reasons.

According to a survey by Ipsos, as many as 42% of US adults have considered moving or even moved. Many of them felt that the city they lived in before was not comfortable, and some of them used economic reasons.

Montana is an excellent state to live in because the cost of living is also relatively low. There are plenty of job opportunities, and all the scenery is beautiful. For climate, it is also quite good, suitable for all outdoor activities because the facilities are also adequate.

Where are the Best Places to Live in Montana?

Many considerations to determining a decent city to live in. Life in Montana is perfect for those who want to pursue a career in agriculture. Besides, Montana is a beautiful state for those who want to go hiking, biking and skiing.

According to many experts, the considerations when choosing places to live in are related to access to the outdoors, comfortable climate, walkability, affordability, and access to public spaces. Here are some of the best places to live in Montana, such as:

10. Bozeman

Bozeman | Source: www.comcate.com

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After all these considerations, we put Bozeman in the top 10 places that deserve to be your place to live while in Montana. This area offers the best outdoor activities and a relatively reasonable living cost.

Local facilities such as medical care and the strength of the local economy are also quite adequate. Bozeman is the second most wealthy city with a combined net worth of an estimated 3 billion USD. Better quality of living, excellent education, and good health facilities have an impact.

9. Four Corners

Four Corners
Four Corners | Source: www.realtor.com

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If most best places to live in Montana are urban with lots of shopping access, Four Corners offers something a little more unique. This is for those who want to experience living in a suburban Neighbourhood by participating in convenient access to nearby cities.

Four Corners is also an excellent area to raise a family because it has top public schools. This little town has a total of 3000 inhabitants who depend on local enterprises. The house prices here are meager, far below the national average.

8. Livingston

Livingston | Source: www.nytimes.com

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A city in Park County, Montana, and Livingston definitely can be noticed when we talk about the best places to live in Montana. The location is adequate for those who want to run a business, and there are also good schools and affordable housing here.

7. Belgrade

Belgrade | Source: www.zillow.com

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According to Money magazine, Belgrade is located about 8 miles from the largest city of Montana and ranked as the finest location to live. Being a resident in Belgrade guarantees you access to many excellent things, including housing rates.

Rental properties are typically the most considered here. The treatments offered in this city are adequate public facilities, and the water is pure and clean. What makes this the best place to live in Montana is full of attractions.

6. Billings

Billings | Source: visittheusa.com

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Billings is also very close to Livingston, located in the southern part of the state. The population of Billings is also relatively small, namely only 108,134. It’s no wonder that this is immediately in 6th place in the best places to live in Montana.

Of the 100 thousand population, Billings is very diversified. Families with small children are drawn to areas with excellent schools. Millennials are drawn to work prospects. So, Billings, Montana, is a wonderful place to live, with outdoor opportunities to explore.

5. East Helena

East Helena
East Helena | Source: soldbybd.com

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East Helena is great if you want to live in an area with about 2,306 population in the entire city. East Helena retains its small-town charm despite its proximity to the metropolis. The city, discovered in 1888, is already occupied by many retirees, families, and millennials.

East Helena has endless outdoor recreation opportunities and a lot of dining options. And what makes East Helena even more unique is the beautiful place there. You can raise a family without complaints, which is a good choice.

4. Missoula

Missoula | Source: www.visitmt.com

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Missoula is a city full of artistic, cultural and natural destinations. The Missoula Art Museum and the Historic 1877 Fort Missoula are examples. The education system in Missoula is a significant consideration for families raising a kid there.

Missoula is in 4th place among the best places to live in Montana because it is pretty cheap. The national average of 104.4 for the cost of living. But what makes it the best in housing, rent, healthcare, and many more sectors.

3. Dillon

Dillon | Source: www.tripadvisor.com

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The value of homes in Dillon is only about $120,000, which is much lower than the national average. Even for a 4-bedroom family home for just under $200,000. No wonder properties in Dillon are such an excellent place to be.

Dillon has a total population of 4,193 people and has an intimate and friendly vibe. The fact that Dillon has a low crime rate and many families chose to raise their children here is the leading indicator of why this is classified as the best place to live in Montana.

2. Helena

Helena | Source: www.jasonsavagephotography.com

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Helena is best places to live in Montana for an exciting Neighbourhood. Residents at Helena are pleased with the city’s infrastructure and adequate shopping amenities. And clearly, there is still much room for growth in this city.

1. Whitefish

Whitefish | Source: outsidesuburbia.com

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Whitefish have 6,692 residents and may not have a very diversified population by national standards. But what makes it the first place of the best places to live in Montana is the town’s warm and inviting character.

Whitefish offers a famous vacation spot for many American tourists, and hotels are usually packed during the peak season. Visitors keep the town fresh and provide excellent educational options as an additional factor.

Montana is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise and has the status of a Big Sky Country. Montana is also the fourth largest state in the United States. Many things also determine best places to live in Montana, and Montana has unique characteristics.

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