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10 Best Place to Live in Kentucky You Should Know About (2023)

    The discussion about the best place to live in kentucky can be a reference as well as a recommendation for those of you who are confused about finding the best place to live. That way you can have recommendations for the best places for you and your family to live.

    Choosing a place to live is not an easy thing for us to do. We all definitely want a place to live that is comfortable, safe, and also has a strategic location that makes it easier for us to get the various facilities that the city has.

    If you already have children, you will definitely consider a place to live close to the best school or campus for you. For that you can not carelessly choose the best place to live for you and your family.

    One of the best cities for you to make your home with your family is Kentucky. Besides being famous for being the home of world-famous fast food restaurants, Kentucky is also known for having many comfortable places to live.

    Not only that, there are lots of interesting things that Tennessee has that make it safe and comfortable for you to live in. For this reason, in this discussion, we will provide an explanation of the best place to live in kentucky.

    Surely you are curious, what cities are included in our discussion this time? For that, just look at the full explanation below carefully.

    The 10 Best Place to Live in Kentucky

    Kentucky is a state located in the southern part of the United States. This state is the choice of many people who are looking for the best place to live that is safe and certainly comfortable for you and your family.

    This state is also an alternative choice if you want to have a dream house at a low price, and also the cost of living is not too expensive. Kentucky also has other advantages, namely having facilities such as schools, playgrounds, and also a complete shopping center.

    Therefore, on this occasion, we will provide a discussion regarding the best place to live in kentucky, which is certainly safe and comfortable. You don’t need to linger any longer, you can immediately listen to the discussion that we have summarized exclusively below regarding the best places you can live in the state of Kentucky.

    10. Anchorage

    Anchorage | Source:

    The first city that you can choose as a place to live is Anchorage which is one of the favorite places to live in Kentucky. Home to just 2,172 people, Anchorage is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in all of the countries.

    With an average income of US$160,000 for residents, house prices in this city are only US$618,200. Then if you want to rent a house, you only need to pay a starting fee of US $ 1,895.

    9. Indian Hills

    Indian Hills
    Indian Hills | Source:

    Indian hills may be the next favorite place for you and your family to live in Kentucky. This is another small but affluent neighborhood home to 2,930 residents who make Indian Hills a serene place for you to live.

    To be able to live in this place by buying a house, you need to prepare up to US $ 462,200. But unfortunately the income of the residents of the best place to live in kentucky is quite low and only reaches US $ 43,000 a year.

    8. Cherokee Gardens

    Cherokee Gardens
    Cherokee Gardens | Source:

    If you are looking for the best place to raise your child then Cherokee Gardens is the right choice. This place will give you a more urban feel than the Indian Hills and Anchorage that we discussed earlier.

    To live in the best place to live in kentucky, you also only need to pay US$ 507,418 to be able to buy a house. But if you are lucky then you will get a house at a lower price.

    7. Hurstbourne Acres

    Hurstbourne Acres
    Hurstbourne Acres | Source:

    Hurstbourne Acres is one of the residents in the city of Louisville that has been voted the best place to live. How not, this place is only inhabited by less than 2000 residents which makes it perfect for those of you who don’t really like crowds.

    The cost of renting a house in this place is also quite cheap, to be able to rent a house you only need to pay a fee of US $ 898. Meanwhile, if you want to own a property or house, you only need to pay US$188,100.

    6. Fort Thomas

    Fort Thomas
    Fort Thomas | Source:

    The next best place to live in kentucky is Fort Thomas which has various interesting facilities such as restaurants, malls or shopping centers, bars, cafes, and many others. No wonder Fort Thomas is loved by many as the ideal place to live.

    5. Cherokee Seneca

    Cherokee Seneca
    Cherokee Seneca | Source:

    Another best place to live in kentucky is Cherokee Senace which is also one of the most affordable places to live. In this place you can also find people of different races and economic strata.

    Most households here in Cherokee Seneca earn US$97,600 annually making this a fairly respectable area. Crime rates here are very low and there are many quality schools for your children.

    4. Union

    Union | Source:

    Union is a resident that is included in the best place to live in kentucky discussion and is only inhabited by 5,000 people. Median household income is US$102,253 which is quite large in the state.

    3. Highlands Douglass

    Highlands Douglass
    Highlands Douglass | Source:

    The next place you can choose is Highlands Douglass. Highlands Douglass is also not too far from the previous place that we have discussed, namely Cherokee Gardens. This place is only inhabited by 4,500 residents and is included in the list this time.

    Interestingly, you can rent a house for less than US $ 100. Meanwhile, the median household income in this best place to live in kentucky reached US$ 83,000.

    2. Gardiner Lane

    Gardiner Lane
    Gardiner Lane | Source:

    Gardiner Lane is a well-established suburb of Louisville, there is a sense of history about the place and an instant sense of belonging should you choose to move in. This is a quiet and safe little neighborhood and with only 3,990 people living here, it’s almost like an urban village.

    You can get a cottage-like, 2 bedroom family home for as little as US$189. So it’s no wonder many people choose best place to live in kentucky this.

    1. Hurstbourne

    Hurstbourne | Source:

    Unlike many other suburban areas in the United States of America, Louisville has lots of small suburbs which have their own tight-knit communities, rather than being a subsection or overflow of the city itself. The average household income in Hurstbourne is $107,991 creating for a diverse group of 4,300 residents.

    Choosing the best place for your family is one of the factors of a happy life. For that, there’s nothing wrong with choosing the best place to live in kentucky for you to live from now on.

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