10 Best Lakes in Tennessee that Provide Unique Outdoor Fun

Tennessee is an area located in the Southeastern United States and shaped like an island, so it’s no wonder that there are many best lakes in Tennessee waiting for your presence. This island state is also famous for its agriculture and also tourism.

Tennessee, or what is commonly known as the volunteer State, is a diverse state dominated by the Appalachian Mountains on the east side, a dome in the centre, and also the Gulf Coast Plain in the west. This State offers many fantastic tourist destinations.

One of the things that makes Tennessee so famous is the lake, which is home to a vast assortment of lakes and reservoirs. It also offers fun-seeking opportunities for nature lovers for outdoor recreation. Lake in this State is the most popular among other vacation spots.

Apart from lakes, you can also visit various other unique places, mainly because this State boasts more than its fair share of natural beauty. Tennessee also has the perfect lake for those looking for a spot to relax on the beach, fish for dinner, or paddle around.

10 Best Lakes in Tennessee for Unique Outdoor Fun

Many people say that a vacation in Tennessee will not make you bored. Tennessee guarantees everything whether you want to fish, boat, bird spot, or relax. So all you need to do now is compile your vacation list.

It would be best if you remembered the lake among the many destinations that will be visited later. There are a lot of the best lakes in Tennessee that you can’t miss. Included with the ten lakes below that have been waiting for your presence:

10. Lake Watauga

Lake Watauga
Lake Watauga | Source: pixels.com

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Lake Watauga is a lake that was created in 1948, at the time of damming of the Watauga River. The lake is also located east of the city of Elizabethton and is surrounded by Cherokee National Forest. And the lake is beautiful, offering several recreational activities.

Lake Watauga has 169 km of shoreline and is nearly 600 meters above sea level. Maximum depth of 81 meters. The scenery in this lake supports activities such as water skiing, fishing, swimming, and also boating.

9. Lake Boone

Lake Boone
Lake Boone | Source: www.pinterest.com

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Lake Boone is known for all its recreational activities, including swimming, water skiing, and fishing. The total area of this lake is 18 square kilometers. Visitors can surround this best lakes in Tennessee with boat ramps.

Lake Boone offers a sport fishing experience like no other lake in Tennessee. Some species include largemouth, small mouth, and black and striped bass. There are also carp and catfish that you can easily find in the lake.

8. Rolling Foot Lake

Rolling Foot Lake
Rolling Foot Lake | Source: rootsrated.com

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Rolling foot lake is the only large natural best lakes in Tennessee. It’s located in Lake County, in the northwest of the State. The lake itself was named after a local Indian chief in the 19th century who had a deformed foot.

Reelfoot Lake is a very famous lake for fishing activities, and at least until 2003, this was the only lake in the world where fishing was legal. There is also Rolling Lake State Park which is ideal for hiking and wildlife viewing.

7. Central Mountain Lake

Central Mountain Lake
Central Mountain Lake | Source: www.onlyinyourstate.com

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At number 7 on the list of best lakes in Tennessee, we include the name Central Mountain Lake which has a wide range of up to 688 kilometers of coastline. This place is also lined with upper middle-class vacation homes.

Center Mountain Lake is a fairly popular spot for fishing activities, but some recreational activities can still be carried out here. The water surface area exceeds 7,300 hectares and remains the region’s premier flood control reservoir.

6. Percy Priest Lake

Percy Priest Lake
Percy Priest Lake | Source: www.bringfido.com

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Percy Priest Lake, which has the official name J Percy Priest Lake, is a reservoir located about 16 kilometers from Nashville, Tennessee. This reservoir has an area of 5,700 hectares and is the spot for three campsites, 11 picnic areas and many more.

Pery Priest Lake is home to the Tennessee Yacht Club, Vanderbilt Yach Club, Percy Priest Yach Club, and many more. This place will welcome 5,000,000 people to visit, and there are 5,700 hectares of water in this best lakes in Tennessee.

5. Lake Chickamauga

Lake Chickamauga
Lake Chickamauga | Source: majorleaguefishing.com

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Lake Chickamauga is located near the Tennessee River and stretches from the Wattsba Dam to the Chickamauga Dam. The lake has more than 1,300 kilometers from the shoreline. The lake is open from March to August when the water levels are at their highest.

4. Old Hickory Lake

Old Hickory Lake
Old Hickory Lake | Source: www.visitmusiccity.com

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Old Hickory Lake is located in five counties in north Central Tennessee. This reservoir was built in 1952 by the Old Hickory Lock and Dam. The reservoir is 136 meters above sea level, about 40 kilometers from Nashville.

Old Hickory Lake is immediately included in the list of best lakes in Tennessee because it has many interesting spots, such as eight public marinas, 41 boat rides and two campgrounds. Yachting is the most popular activity on this lake, and you must try it now.

3. Cherokee Lake

Cherokee Lake
Cherokee Lake | Source: shilohspringstn.com

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Cherokee Lake is a reservoir formed by the damming of the Holston River. The reservoir is located behind the Cherokee Dam, and it offers a variety of recreational activities. All activities such as swimming, boating and fishing are what you can do here.

2. Dale Hollow Reservoir

Dale Hollow Reservoir
Dale Hollow Reservoir | Source: parks.ky.gov

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Dale Hollow Reservoir is number 2 of the best and most impressive best lakes in Tennessee, and the Obey River dammed it in 1943. The lake is located within three Tennessee counties. It holds the world record due to its pristine campsites and is ready for you to visit!

1. Norris Lake

Norris Lake
Norris Lake | Source: www.onlyinyourstate.com

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It was formed by the damming of the Clinch River and is located directly in the five counties in eastern Tennessee, with a total area of up to 137 square kilometers. Besides that, many marinas spread around the lake, up to 1,302 kilometers of shoreline.

Water skiing, boating, swimming and fishing are the most frequent activities here. Norris Dam State Park also surrounds the lake. There are the Lenoir Museum Cultural Complex, Crosby Threshing Barn, and Rice Mill if you want more historical activities.

Tennessee is an island on the southwestern side of the United States. Famous for its tourism sector with a variety of lakes, this makes people prepare to visit this area. When making a list of vacation plans, you can’t miss out on best lakes in Tennessee.

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