10 Best Lakes in Massachusetts You Should Visit This Year

Visiting the best lakes in Massachusetts on weekends is one of the most enjoyable vacation options you can do with family, friends or partner. For that you can listen to the discussion below.

Apart from the mountains and beaches, there is one other natural tourist attraction that you certainly shouldn’t miss. This is also what we will discuss on this occasion about 10 lakes in Massachusetts that you can visit to spend weekends with friends and family.

Going on vacation to natural attractions like lakes will certainly make you feel calm and your mind will be refreshed to return to your daily activities such as work or study. A fresh mind will certainly make you more focused on doing various jobs.

Therefore, on this occasion, we will discuss the best lakes in Massachusetts, which you should not miss. No need to linger, just look at the full information below.

10 Best Lakes in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a state in the United States which has many tourist destinations. Starting from beaches, mountains, shopping centers, city parks, and also lakes, as we will discuss on this occasion.

This country is one of the states that have the largest population in the New England region of the Northeastern United States. Massachusetts itself has its capital which is located in the city of Boston. Boston itself is one of the cities in the United States that also has a fairly dense population.

Massachusetts also has one of the most famous universities in the world, namely the University of Massachusetts Boston which is one of the most prestigious universities like Harvard, Cambridge and Oxford. So it’s no wonder that many people decide to take a vacation to a country that is included in the discussion of the best lakes in Massachusetts.

For those of you who are basketball lovers, of course you already know that Boston, the capital of Massachusetts, is home to the legendary NBA (National Basketball Award) basketball team with a myriad of achievements, namely the Boston Celtics.

The Boston Celtics are strengthened by Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Blake Griffin, Robert Williams III, Marcus Smart, Danilo Galinari, Al Horford, and many other legendary players who have played for a team that has won the NBA 15 times.

But on this occasion we will discuss the beauty of the lakes in the discussion of the best lakes in Massachusetts and of course you must visit with friends, family or partner to have a romantic honeymoon.

10. Lake Cochituate

Lake Cochituate
Lake Cochituate | Source: pinterest.com

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The first lake you can visit when visiting Massachusetts is Lake Cochituate which is part of Cochituate State Park. This lake is used to provide water supply to Boston and is also used as a place to spend weekends with family, friends or partners.

The best time to visit this lake is during the summer and you can enjoy the beauty of the lake by boating, swimming, sailing, fishing and many other fun activities that you can do.

9. Onota Lake

Onota Lake
Onota Lake | Source: live959.com

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The next lake that is included in the list of best lakes in Massachusetts is Onoto Lake, which has an area of ​​up to 2.5 square kilometers. Onoto lake is known for its summer mansions that were built in the 19th and 20th centuries. In this lake you can do various fun things such as swimming, sailing, water skiing, and fishing.

8. Lake Wyola

Lake Wyola
Lake Wyola | Source: www.recorder.com

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Lake Wyola is a small lake that sits in the Massachusetts town of Shutesbury. The lake was constructed in 1883 during the damming of the Sawmill River, but today it is a popular recreational lake. This place is suitable to be visited in various seasons from summer to winter to enjoy the beauty of Lake Wyola.

7. Lake Chaubunagungamaug

Lake Chaubunagungamaug
Lake Chaubunagungamaug | Source: www.airbnb.com.au

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Make sure you are not mistaken in reading the lake that is included in the list best lakes in Massachusetts. Because most people find it difficult to read Lake Chaubunagungamaug. Even though the name is a little difficult to read, this lake holds natural beauty that you might not find anywhere else.

6. Quabbin Reservoir

Quabbin Reservoir
Quabbin Reservoir | Source: peakvisor.com

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One of the country’s largest man-made water supplies, Quabbin Reservoir is a stunning lake that flows into the Wachusett Reservoir. It is a major water supply for Boston, as well as being used for recreational purposes.

The Quabbin Reservoir is nearly 100 square kilometers, boasting a shoreline of just under 190 kilometers. It is a popular spot for hiking and cycling (swimming is not allowed). There are also some magnificent views over the lake from the towns of New Salem and Enfield.

5. Lake Quinsigamond

Lake Quinsigamond
Lake Quinsigamond | Source: pixels.com

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The next lake that is included in the list of best lakes in Massachusetts is Lake Quinsigamond. Lake Quinsigamond is located within the Quinsigamond State Park close to the city of Worcester. The three square kilometer lake is home to eight islands, only one of which is state owned (Drake Island).

4. Lake Ashmere

Lake Ashmere
Lake Ashmere | Source: Realtor.com

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Lake Ashmere is a small state owned lake located in Berkshire County, Massachusetts. Lake Ashmere is a recreational lake that is home to three summer camps, numerous homes and vacation rentals. It is a picturesque lake that is surrounded by rural countryside. You can also fish for the fish that inhabit Lake Ashmere.

3. Lake Crystal

Lake Crystal
Lake Crystal | Source: patch.com

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The next lake that is included in the list of best lakes in Massachusetts is Lake Crystal. This lake is also known as the Baptist Lake because it was used for baptisms by the Newton Center Baptist Church.

Then the name was changed in the 19th century due to its commercial ice harvesting. Today, the shoreline of Lake Crystal is lined with homes and small parks. It is a popular swimming spot, offering swimming lessons and lifeguard training courses.

2. Otis Reservoir

Otis Reservoir
Otis Reservoir | Source: theberkshireedge.com

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Sitting in Otis, Massachusetts, the Otis Reservoir is a four square kilometer reservoir that was formed by the flooding of three nearby ponds. In the past, it was used for water storage, but today it is a popular recreation spot. Are you interested in visiting the lake that is included in the discussion best lakes in Massachusetts this?

1. Lake Attitash

Lake Attitash
Lake Attitash | Source: www.realtor.com

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It’s incomplete to discuss the famous row of lakes in Massachusetts without discussing Lake Attitash. Lake Attitash is known as a tourist destination when summer arrives. The tourists who come can swim, boat, and other water activities.

You can visit all of the lakes that we have mentioned when visiting Massachusetts. In discussion 10 best lakes in Massachusettswhat number lake is your favorite?

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