10 Best Lakes in Kentucky to Create a Memorable Holiday

Did you know that many of the best lakes in Kentucky guarantee a memorable vacation experience? We guarantee that those who visit there will get many advantages, and you certainly won’t regret revisiting Kentucky.

Kentucky is known for its many massive reservoirs and immense water schemes. And from here, you can see right away the many advantages offered. Of course, recreation opportunities along the shores are the most important for Kentucky tourists.

Kentucky also has many beautiful lakes to run water activities. Starting from powerboats to fishing are everyday activities carried out here. And because that activity also makes some lakes more attractive than other lakes around them.

Before we explain further about Kentucky lake, visitors need to prepare a plan to enjoy it more maturely. The packages you can experience are also varied, determined by many things, providing a memorable opportunity.

Top 10 Lakes in Kentucky to Visit and will Bring You a Memorable Holiday

Kentucky earns its name for its unique bluegrass and pristine water area. The lakes are worth a special mention because the lake in Kentucky offers a scenic landscape with numerous recreational opportunities. It is ideal to be your getaway destination.

Though most of them are artificial, some of them are natural. More facilities are, of course, needed to make Kentucky even more attractive to become your destination. So far, there are the top 10 best lakes in Kentucky that are worth your visit now, namely:

10. Dale Hollow Reservoir; Cumberland & Clinton Counties

Dale Hollow Reservoir; Cumberland & Clinton Counties
Dale Hollow Reservoir; Cumberland & Clinton Counties | Source: www.kentuckytourism.com

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Dale Hollow Reservoir is located in the Tennessee region, which is also on the Kentucky Side. Dale Hollow Lake is also a key attraction as it offers many pleasurable activities.

145 campsites, a lodge with 60 rooms, and even golf courses. You can enjoy a peaceful experience by relaxing on the shores. The adventurous one can try the nearby scenic trails, making it perfect to be best lakes in Kentucky.

9. Green River Lake

Green River Lake
Green River Lake | Source: parks.ky.gov

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Green River Lake is located in south central Kentucky and boasts beautiful landscapes. This is a photogenic location that you can’t miss either, especially because you can enjoy the stunning lake views or even swim in the crystal clear water.

Every day, it attracts thousands of visitors. There are also multi-purpose trails within the area, so getting together with your loved one in the picnic area will help you spend quality time on the best lakes in Kentucky.

8. Rough River Lake

Rough River Lake
Rough River Lake | Source: www.kentuckyliving.com

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Rough River Lake can attract visitors by indulging in recreational activities. With many secluded coves here, you can enjoy swimming or boating here. There is also a boat launch and rentals at the marina in the middle of the lake.

For those of you who plan to stay at the best lakes in Kentucky, there are 4 campgrounds available. Everything is guaranteed safe, and this is also the perfect for those who like fishing. There are largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, white crappie, black crappie and walleye.

7. Cave Run Lake; Rowan, Morgan, Menifee & Bath Counties

Cave Run Lake
Cave Run Lake | Source: www.scottymanphoto.com

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The Daniel Boone National Forest encompasses Cave Run Lake, offering a serene and fun experience for all visitors. You can cherish yourself by seeing the picturesque beauty and wildlife around it.

Spending time in the water and doing activities like kayaking and other water sports are also enjoyable. And, of course, you only need to pay a minimum fee for all the activities in the best lakes in Kentucky on this one.

6. Barren River Lake

Barren River Lake
Barren River Lake | Source: www.hipcamp.com

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The US Army Corps of Engineers created Barren River Lake during the construction of the Barren River Lake Dam. This is no longer intended for army activities but has become a popular recreational destination.

You can even stay overnight here because it stretches 227 kilometres of the lake’s shoreline. The most common activity in the best lakes in Kentucky is fishing. But some do horseback riding along the Lewis Hill Trail.

5. Buckhorn Lake

Buckhorn Lake
Buckhorn Lake | Source: www.booking.com

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Located in the Appalachian Mountains’ base, this natural lake will surely spoil your eyes. Marina and boat launch are the main highlights for the visitors. Moreover, if you are interested in more about the area, you can visit the park’s museum too!

4. Lake Barkley; Livingston, Lyon & Trigg Counties

Lake Barkley
Lake Barkley | Source: en.wikivoyage.org

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Lake Barkley is a neighbour of Lake Kentucky, and it’s no wonder the scenery there is just as beautiful. Lake Barkley sits on its eastern shore and attracts thousands of visitors to try the facilities provided.

Bird lovers will enjoy this area because it provides a special place for sights and hearing the sounds of 200 different species of birds in this best lakes in Kentucky. You can choose the various cabins, campgrounds, and suites for those who want to stay overnight.

3. Laurel River Lake; Laurel & Whitley counties

Laurel River Lake
Laurel River Lake | Source: www.onlyinyourstate.com

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Laurel River Lake is perfect for those who want to relax, soak in the beauty, or enjoy swimming. It is known to be the state’s cleanest lake. With the existing pristine water, it has succeeded in attracting visitors for scuba diving to explore the rock formations.

Apart from that, you can also rent a houseboat to camp overnight. You will find plenty of fish species here, so the best lakes in Kentucky for lovers of fishing. Other common activities include swimming, boating, canoeing, kayaking, water skiing, scuba diving, and hiking.

2. Lake Cumberland; Clinton, Laurel, McCreary, Pulaski, Russell & Wayne counties

Lake Cumberland
Lake Cumberland | Source: lakecumberlandvacation.com

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In the second place, Lake Cumberland is our choice. This is the state’s only island park and lake. Located in south-central Kentucky, this is one you should visit. This is the perfect destination for those who want to experience water skiing because of its adequate facilities.

1. Kentucky Lakes; Calloway, Marshall & Livingston Counties

Kentucky Lakes
Kentucky Lakes | Source: www.thecrazytourist.com

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Kentucky lake sits in the top 1 of the best lakes in Kentucky list and is the largest lake in the state. The 64,900-hectare lake boasts a 3,322-kilometre of shoreline. Inside is also dotted with marinas, cabins, and campgrounds.

The lake is a super choice for fishing enthusiasts, as you can easily find white bass, buffalo carp and yellow perch. In the vicinity, there are Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park and Kenlake State Resort Park for those who want to stay overnight.

Lakes in Kentucky are not all-natural; some of them are artificial. But the quality still needs to be improved, because the view is still interesting. That’s what makes the best lakes in Kentucky the choice of many people.

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