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10 Best Castles in Germany You Should Know and Visit

    If you are choosing the best vacation spots that you can visit, then you can listen to the discussion of the best castles in Germany which can be a reference for the best vacation spots for you. Curious what castles are included in the list? Just look at the complete information below.

    Holidays are something that everyone likes, both children and adults. So it’s a lie if you don’t like going on vacation to beautiful tourist spots with family, friends or partner.

    Nowadays there are also many kinds of vacation spots, from playing in the water on the beach, hiking in the mountains, or spending time at the shopping center and buying the things you need. However, there is one unusual vacation option, namely visiting castles.

    Castles are a form of heritage from people who have lived long before us. So visiting castles is the same as learning history but in a more enjoyable way. For that you can listen to the discussion about the best castles in Germany which we have summarized below.

    10 Best Castles in Germany

    Before entering into the discussion, you should first know the history and also interesting facts from Germany. This can also be a reference for what tourist destinations you want to visit while on vacation in Germany.

    Castles have always been an interesting place to be visited by anyone, both small children and adults. Visiting castles can make us feel what it was like to live in ancient times when there was not much to discover.

    If you like horror or historical films that take castles as a backdrop, then visiting castles in Germany can be the right choice for you. You can also learn many things about the history of a kingdom if you visit castles.

    This also attracts many tourists to come and visit various tourist destinations in the country which is the topic of discussion on the best castles in Germany this time. Are you one of the tourists who are also interested in coming?

    Germany has lots of castles from ancient times and of course it has a lot of history in it. So your vacation in Germany will never be boring because of the many castles that you can visit.

    Even though it is synonymous with a scary atmosphere because it is an ancient building, visiting Castles can make you know many things that you did not know before, starting from civilization, food, to education in ancient society.

    For this reason, on this occasion, we will provide a discussion of the best castles in Germany that you can visit with your family, friends or partner.

    10. Eltz Castle

    Eltz Castle
    Eltz Castle | Source:

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    The first castle to be included in the discussion this time is Eltz Castle. This castle is quite famous in recent years because many people take pictures of it and upload it on social media. Naturally, this building that has been standing since medieval times has a very beautiful and certainly unusual structure.

    9. Neuschwanstein Castle

    Neuschwanstein Castle
    Neuschwanstein Castle | Source:

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    Then there is Neuschwanstein Castle which also has a beautiful building with a classic style and of course it will attract the attention of many people if you upload it to social media. This castle, which has been established since the 19th century, has even become one of the castles most frequently visited by both local and international tourists.

    8. Hohenzollern Castle

    Hohenzollern Castle
    Hohenzollern Castle | Source:

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    Hohenzollern Castle is located in Baden-Wuttermberg in South west Germany, sits on the roof of Mount Hohenzollern and is one of the most beautiful castles not only in Germany but in the world. The magnificent castle building surrounded by green trees makes the magical impression of this castle even thicker.

    7. Marburger Schloss

    Marburger Schloss
    Marburger Schloss | Source:

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    Then you can also visit the Marburger Schloss which is located in the old town of Marburg. This Landgrave castle sits in a strategic position and has changed a lot during centuries, since the first Medieval fortification. Are you interested in visiting a place that is included in the list of the best castles in Germany?

    6. Reichsburg/Cochem Castle

    Reichsburg Cochem Castle
    Reichsburg Cochem Castle | Source:

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    Most castles were built on a higher ground with the aim of making it easier for them to defend the castle from enemy attacks. Likewise with the Reichsburg/Cochem Castle which stands tall not far from the Moselle River. Make sure to come to the best castles in Germany if you are on vacation in Germany.

    5. Mespelbrunn castle

    Mespelbrunn castle
    Mespelbrunn castle | Source:

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    Mespelbrunn Castle was built in the late Medieval and early Renaissance time and style. The small moated castle has received many changes, and only the tower remains from the original 15th-century building.

    The reconstruction, done in the late 16th century, adjusted the castle to fit in line with manor houses rather than defensive castles. Even though it is not a big castle, this castle is still worth visiting.

    4. Wartburg Castle

    Wartburg Castle
    Wartburg Castle | Source:

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    At the very heart of Germany lies the best castles in Germany, namely Wartburg Castle – a place rich in history and significance. Since 1999 it has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. Significantly, Martin Luther translated the New Testament of the Bible in German in Wartburg Castle.

    The construction of the castle began in the second half of the 11th century. In the early 14th century significant repairs started after a fire had damaged the castle. Nowadays, many structures from the Medieval times remain, but the interiors do not. The current interiors date back to the 19th century.

    3. Hohenschwangau Castle

    Hohenschwangau Castle
    Hohenschwangau Castle | Source:

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    Hohenschwangau Castle in Bavaria in Southern Germany is a 19th-century palace, where King Ludwig II of Bavaria spent his childhood years. His father, King Maximilian II of Bavaria initiated the building of the castle and construction began in 1833. This castle is included in the discussion of the best castles in Germany because of the beauty of the building.

    2. Schwerin Castle

    Schwerin Castle
    Schwerin Castle | Source:

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    The palace was built by Grand Duke Friedrich Franz II of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. It is believed that Castle Chambord at the river Loire served as inspiration for Schwerin Castle since Georg Adolf Demmler was trying to find a design that would suit the taste of the Grand Duke. The castle is built in Neo Renaissance style.

    1. Lichtenstein Castle

    Lichtenstein Castle
    Lichtenstein Castle | Source:

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    The next castle that is included in the discussion of the best castles in Germany is Lichtenstein Castle which stands majestically on a hill from the 19th century until now. This castle has a luxurious, classic and majestic appearance and will bring you back to medieval times if you visit it.

    You can visit all of the castles that we have mentioned to spend vacation time with your family. So what number are the best castles in Germany that you will visit first?

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