10 Best Places to Live in Virginia Most Visited (2023)

You maybe want to know about the best places to live in Virginia. It is especially if you want to stay there for a while or maybe have a plan to move there.

This city is blessed with the stunning mountain ranges, vibrant cities, and for sure the amazing beached. That is why; a lot of people agree that it is one of the great places to settle.

For your information, Virginia is the tenth oldest state in America which offers it’s uniqueness to everyone who come there. For your plan to move or live there, various different options are available.

10 Best Places to Live in Virginia

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If you curious enough, the cheapest place to live there is Covington. However, sometimes maybe you want to find the other options and here are the top 10 lists:

10. Alexandria

Alexandria | Source: travel2next.com

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Alexandria is located not far from Washington DC which is only seven miles away. Over the past some years, this place has experienced many economic growths which are so positive.

Their populations are 157,613 residents and it will be easy for you to find some high-tech corporate there. Those employ many amenities such as 70 parks, different housing options, and community of Northern Virginia college.

It is one of the best places to live in Virginia which offers the old town vibes and it’s district owns many things to see. Those are like restaurants, boutiques, theaters, etc.

The historical buildings sit side by side where they have the trendy gastropubs. You are also able to find the best shopping location in that area.

9. Arlington

Arlington | Source: kerishull.com

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It is actually a vibrant city which is located on the border between Washington DC and Virginia. You can say that Arlington is one of the most liveable areas in America.

The residents there are around 223,945 where this city also has many top schools, great diversity, low crime, and buzzing night life. You should do many outdoor activities there.

As one of the best places to live in Virginia, the average of rent price there is $1,827. Meanwhile, the median home value is around $607,700.

8. Bon Air

Bon Air
Bon Air | Source: ruckartre.com

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Bon Air is located in Chesterfield County where it is a suburb of Richmond as well. At the beginning, it is developed as a resort community and it has the authentic Victorian architectures.

The population in Bon Air is only 18,072 and that is why; the cost of living there is quite affordable. You can still find some fun places to chill such as restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, parks, and so on.

Schools in this area is highly rated where their score is 9. Crime is rarely happened there so that Bon Air is also a safe option to live together with your kids and families.

7. Centreville

Centreville | Source: www.longandfoster.com

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The populations in Centreville are around 74,627 people where this city is known as the suburb of Arlington. It is a historic town that has so many attractions to enjoy.

The amenities in this one of the best places to live in Virginia are varied such as wading pool, soccer field, water slides, space for picnics, and water playground.

Centreville is perfect if you are looking for a cool area to live without getting the big city bustling. However, it is still located near capital city. The first-class school is also available there.

6. Charlottesville

Charlottesville | Source: www.visitcharlottesville.org

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Charlottesville is a home for 3 United states president where it is a middle-size college town which is full of history. You can feel the lively vibes there.

Various interesting destinations can be found there such as the shops, parks, restaurants, breweries, vineyards, and many more again. Just like other best places to live in Virginia, Charlottesville also has a low criminal rate.

The cost of living there is affordable and the high-performing schools are easy to find. With 45,000 populations, you will love to stay in Charlottesville.

5. Falls Church

Falls Church
Falls Church | Source: www.rentable.co

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Falls Church is a great option if you want to live in a place which is located near the DC metro area. The distance between them is just nine miles away.

Falls church is also known as a small and calm town where will bring your memories back to the 1600s. It is a city where George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate and Arlington National Cemetery are located.

You can find more than 125 restaurants in this one of the best places to live in Virginia. The amount of residents there are around $13,300 where they make the average salary of $120,500.

4. Leesburg

Leesburg | Source: www.dawntollus.com

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Before, it was known as the temporary capital of America. That was especially after the British attacked Washington. Now, the town is expanded really fast.

You will see a lot of new housing there. The restaurants are mostly located in the downtown area, so that you can enjoy the delicious foods and great views at the same time.

Besides that, breweries, wineries, and unique shops are easy to find there. Your kids will love this one of the best places to live in Virginia because Leesburg has the animal park.

3. Richmond

Richmond | Source: www.worldatlas.com

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Richmond is a wonderful city which is located for about 2 hours far from Washington. For about 500 companies sit there such as Universal Corporation, Carmax, Brinks, and more.

They major economic sectors in Richmond are finance, higher education, and government. If you love foods, Richmond is a recommended town because it also has the award-winning restaurants.

The diverse galleries, exiting music scene, and museums are there too. Don’t worry of anything because their transportation is also good and always available.

2. Tysons Corner

Tysons Corner
Tysons Corner | Source: www.travellens.co

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The next option as one of the best places to live in Virginia is Tysons Corner. The single family home there is around $485,000 on average which not too expensive for sure.

Tysons Corners has two famous malls which you can visit such as the Tysons Corner Center and Tysons Galleria. The total residents of this city are around 22,400 people.

The negligible crime rate and several best schools can be the reasons of why you should move there. Tysons Corner also has the busy nightlife and diverse restaurants style.

Those are ranging from the Italian, Lebanese fare, Thai, Asian, up to the delicious local meals. This could be a great area to start a new life with your family.

1. Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach
Virginia Beach | Source: homeandmoney.com

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The first option as the best places to live in Virginia is Virginia Beach. It is actually the most famous destination for tourists, but this place is so safe.

There are plenty of different restaurants there so that you can enjoy many different foods everyday. The attractions are also varied where one of them is for sure the beautiful beach.

Their populations are around 448,290 and the good thing is that this town has a low cost of living. A lot of people agree that it is a very recommended area to Live whether for old or young people.

So, each of the options above have their own cost of living and characteristics. One thing for sure is that those best places to live in Virginia offer a great experience for your life.

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