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10 Best Beaches in New Jersey (NJ) You Can Visit

    Visiting the best beaches in New Jersey (NJ) can be a good plan, especially if you want to visit that city. There are so many options there, so it can be difficult to just pick one.

    This place as more than 130 miles coastline area. It is spread from the Sandy Hook up to the tip of Cape May. People usually visit those beaches for having a holiday, especially in Summer.

    You can find many types of beaches in New jersey such as the one which has a small wave, friendly spots, marine attractions and so on. Make sure that you Get enough information about the lists.

    10 Best Beaches in New Jersey (NJ)

    If you have a chance to stay in NJ for some days, it is better to visit and enjoy these beautiful beaches. Here are some great options that we have already collected for you:

    10. Sandy Hook

    Sandy Hook
    Sandy Hook | Source:

    This destination has the unique location between 3 different ecosystem. Those are the wetlands, holly forest, and salt marshes. The length of sandy hook is around 6 miles.

    You can find some food trucks there to buy foods and snacks. If to coke for having a little exercise, there is a 5-mile multi use pathway which can be used.

    That pathway is usually used by the rollerbladers, bikers, runners, etc. The best time to. Arrive in Sandy Hook is before 10 am or after 2 pm.

    9. Sea Bright

    Sea Bright
    Sea Bright | Source:

    The next best beaches in New Jersey (NJ) are Sea Bright. This place is also well-known for it’s exclusive beach club. There is also a beach called Municipal there which has various facilities and lifeguard.

    If you have a badge, it is possible to access the public beach spots which are located at the front of the club. That is a good area if to want to get away from the crowds.

    After having some activities in Sea Bright, you are able to visit the nearby playground. Another interesting thing to do is having a short boardwalk behind the Woody’s ocean grille.

    8. Long Branch

    Long Branch
    Long Branch | Source:

    It is one of the best beaches in New Jersey (NJ) that stretches for about 8.2 miles long. The boardwalk there can be also used for jogging and running.

    Enjoy various activities in Long branch where after that you can have a shower at the chick restaurant. The example is Avenue Le Club which has the live music performance too.

    Various activities which can be done in Long Branch are like swimming, beach side yoga, etc. At night, you are able to do a family fun night or Come to several music concerts there.

    7. Asbury Park

    Asbury Park
    Asbury Park | Source:

    You will love Asbury Park because as one of the best beaches in New Jersey (NJ) it has the trendy spot with the lively downtown view. The beach is 13 miles long and it has quite complete facilities for the visitors.

    Those are like the boardwalk, public restrooms, shower, and more. The interesting facility that it has is a mini golf field for children. You can do a surfing there too.

    6. Belmar

    Belmar | Source:

    Belmar is maybe just 1.5 miles long, but it is a perfect destination for families. There are several areas Which are dedicated for certain activities such as boogie boarding, surfing, kayaking, volleyball, etc.

    The playgrounds are also available so that your kids will not get bored. There are so many facilities that you can use such as boardwalk and restroom every blocks.

    If you get hungry, it is so easy to find the seafood restaurants there. This one of the best beaches in New Jersey (NJ) also has various shops for shopping.

    5. Point Pleasant

    Point Pleasant
    Point Pleasant | Source:

    Point pleasant is just a mile long which has a boardwalk too. You can do many family activities in that destination. One of them is visiting the jenkinson’s aquarium.

    It is actually a beach town which is family friendly where it is suitable for kids and adults. Don’t worry if you don’t bring several stuff because you can rent the chairs and umbrellas there.

    Point Pleasant also has the complete facilities for visitors such as hot showers and bathhouses with changing lockers. It is for sure that you should pay for those.

    4. Seaside Heights

    Seaside Heights
    Seaside Heights | Source:

    What are the next best beaches in New Jersey (NJ)? It is for sure the seaside heights. It is located between 2 Piers apart which are 2 miles in distance.

    The boardwalk was recently renovated and it now has some new attractions, games, and more. You can find various different restaurants there and they offer many delicious menus.

    This beach is a good location for swimming and camping too. Make sure to make a reservation if you want to camp there so that you will get a spot.

    3. Long Beach Island

    Long Beach Island
    Long Beach Island | Source:

    Long Beach island or LBI has 6 different beachtowns and the long stretches sand. You can visit this one of the best beaches in New Jersey (NJ) to find a quiet area far from the crowd.

    The perfect recommendations for a family trip are surf city, ship bottom, and beach Haven. You can also rent a house there to experience staying in a beach area for one or more nights.

    Picnic is possible to do there because people are allowed to bring foods. Besides playing on the sand, you can still do many other activities such as come to the Fantasy Island amusement park, mini golf, and more.

    2. Ocean City

    Ocean City
    Ocean City | Source:

    The most famous area in Ocean city is for about 2.5 miles strip, but the whole beach is more than 8 miles. A lot of shops and eateries are easy to find there.

    Ocean City also has two amusement parks and one water park. If you want to get a quieter place, please go to the south of the boardwalk. Usually, it is packed with many summer residents.

    It can be one of the best beaches in New Jersey (NJ) because it is known as a “dry” town. It means that no alcohol there and the alcoholic products are not freely sold.

    1. Wildwoods

    Wildwoods | Source:

    Driving through this destination is like coming back to the past. A lot of motels there have the cool neon signs and retro style as well. Some of them are even authentically from the 50s.

    There is no beach badge requirement there which makes it as a famous spot. Wildwoods is about 4.5 miles long and there is a boardwalk too for shopping, dining, gaming, etc.

    This one of the best beaches in New Jersey (NJ) is completed with amusement park and water park which can add your fun experience. Along that area, you are able to find some spots for dog. The boardwalk is far from the ocean. That is why; be prepared to walk if you want to visit that area.

    So, which destinations are the most interesting for you to visit? Basically, all of these best beaches in New Jersey (NJ) are beautiful and they have been completed with many comfortable facilities for tourists.

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